Your Solution Is Potema

STESYMO is an appointed and approved Distributor for the renowned POTEMA® Company. Pace Afrique is the appointed general distributor producing a range of ORIGINAL mattress cleaning and sanitizing equipment, designed and internationally patented in Germany. Clients can rest assured in the quality of our mattress cleaning, as POTEMA® is the ONLY MATTRESS HYGIENE TREATMENT IN THE WORLD AWARDED WITH ECARF CERTIFICATION.

The exclusive chemical-free cleaning process combines high frequency pulsating waves, high power suction and high intensity ultraviolet radiation in order to reduce and extract harmful and unhealthy elements from your mattress.

Non-invasive and safe, our cleaning system effectively restores your mattress to a fresh and healthy condition. POTEMA® created this cleaning system as the ultimate solution to a range of clients, households and hotel guests – just because mattresses cannot be washed, does not mean that they cannot be regularly and thoroughly cleaned.