The Cleaning Procedure

There are 4 steps taken in our cleaning procedure

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4
Long Term Protection

Firstly, a certified POTEMA® service partner will come to your establishment, guest house or home to assess the condition of your mattress or mattresses. During this visit, a small area of the mattress is cleaned and a test on allergenic mite feces is performed.

Should you choose to move ahead; the complete mattress will be thoroughly and deeply cleaned through the use of our special POTEMA® cleaning system.

While cleaning, the POTEMA® mattress cleaning machine generates high frequency oscillations. Dirt particles inside the mattress are dissolved, pulverized and removed in a vacuum that is precisely matched to mattresses, while intense UV radiation causes extensive destruction of bacteria, viruses and spores. Afterwards the surface of the mattress is treated with POTEMA® mattresses clean spray, preventing mites from reproducing.

This cleaning process is harmless to humans, suitable for all mattresses and fabrics, creates no dust and is also completely environmentally friendly.
If you have cleaned your mattress by a certified POTEMA® partner, you will receive a seal of approval. This seal of approval can be affixed onto the mattress or mattresses of hotels and establishments, who will also receive cleaning certificates for their POTEMA® cleaned mattresses.

Only approved POTEMA® partners work according to our strict guidelines that ensure a successful and thorough mattress cleaning.

Fitting Into Any Environment

Our POTEMA® mattress cleaning machine was specifically designed not to obstruct the operations or infrastructure of any hotel, hospital, private home or establishment. The machine used is not large and will not damage doorways or room corners as it moves around the property that is being cleaned. As this is a 100% dry cleaning procedure, no water or humidity will be added to the room. Our POTEMA® mattress cleaning machine can get to work while maintaining a free flowing working environment for our clients.

Mattress Clean Spray

POTEMA® Clean Spray is an antibacterial product that provides freshness and cleanliness by decontaminating and giving off a distinctive orange odour. This highly effective mattress clean spray neutralizes mites, fungi, bacteria and other pathogenic microbes and also reduces allergies and eliminates all unpleasant smells.

Approved by all German health organizations, this product is ideal for infant and childhood mattresses and is friendly to humans as well as the environment.

The POTEMA® mattress clean spray can be successfully used to hygienically sanitize:

  • Curtains
  • Carpet Floors
  • Rugs
  • Remove foul smell
  • Children toys
  • And so much more