Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the size of the mattress. The cleaning process can take anything from 8 to 15 minutes per mattress.

No – the cleaning process is 100% dry and chemical free

Steaming does not guarantee the removal of all moisture blown into the mattress. Hot steam blown into the mattress creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and micro-organisms, while the POTEMA® cleaning system is a dry and antibacterial product.

Absolutely. Although the contents extracted from the mattress (mites, mite feces and other germs) are microscopic, the POTEMA® cleaning process gives you as the customer a clear indication of what is being removed to benefit your health and safety.

A bedroom is almost immediately ready for use after the mattress has been cleaned. The room and the bed only need about 5 minutes to settle.

The POTEMA® Mattress cleaning system is designed to successfully remove and treat dust mites, micro-organisms, fleas, dust, bed bugs and any other unwanted material found inside the mattress.

Every mattress cleaned by the Potema Mattress Cleaning System gets a quality Approved Mattress Test Seal that will be placed on the top right hand corner, indicating the cleaning date and next date to be cleaned (cleanings should be done every 12 months)

No. We have a stain removal product that removes newer stains – the results of stain removal are almost guaranteed. The older the stain, the tougher it is to remove.

If you are not satisfied, you are under no obligation to clean your mattresses with STESYMO – POTEMA® South Africa.