Why Clean Your Mattress

A single mattress can contain up to 2 million dust mites. These dust mites produce mite-feces day by day, which can cause uncomfortable allergies – one dust mite will produce approximately 20 mite-feces per day, which in her life of 6 weeks leads to 200 times the weight of the mite.

Just one teaspoon of dust collected from a bedroom contains nearly 1.000 mites and, on average, 250.000 tiny mite feces. Mite feces are a major cause for allergies, which lead to symptoms such as swollen eyelids, an itchy nose, coughing, wheezing and even skin rashes.

Effect of cleaning

By deep cleaning your mattress with the POTEMA® mattress cleaning system, unwanted accumulations are pulverized inside the mattress and the mass of allergy causing mite feces are removed with a vacuum that is precisely matched to mattresses. Not only does this cleaning system remove dust mite feces, almost all dust mites are removed from the mattress as well, preventing further infestation. The result is a well ventilated mattress that offers comfortable, quality sleep.

Treatment with POTEMA® Mattress Clean Spray after cleaning

POTEMA® Mattress Clean Spray inactivates the allergenic components of mite feces, while any remaining mites become harmless and do not trigger allergic reactions. Additionally, POTEMA® Mattress Clean Spray on material is harmless, suitable to all mattresses and leaving a fresh and gentle scent.

Recent studies on microbial load measurement using the Potema method have shown that 1 kg of dust, between 2.4 and 6.4 litres of sweat and other secretions of the human body have been detected in one layer. Having tested the POTEMA® Mattress Clean Spray, the responsible office of the German Institute of Hygiene determined it to be an amazing antibacterial product, producing incredible results.

Mattresses and pillows are the natural habitat of mites, fungi, bacteria and germs. Since we have direct contact with our beds for 1/3 of our lives, the importance of a clean bed is great and particular attention should be paid to children’s mattresses.